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20 children per week are diagnosed with cancer in Australia. Three children will die each week. The Children's Cancer Research Institute based at the University of New South Wales, employ brilliant cancer research scientists in their mission to eradicate cancer and the suffering associated with it for children.

The Government only give 5% support per year so it is up to corporations and the public to help ensure that ground-breaking research programs and therapies continue. I am inspired to help support these global research leaders. I know I would not have survived Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia without trial drugs. I have empathy with the pain and suffering of families of children with cancer.

Levi Wheeler, a beautiful 7 year old boy with an amazing, loving, family, was diagnosed with the deadliest and most aggressive form of childhood cancer, a brain cancer called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). This disease is terminal with an average expected life span of nine months after diagnosis. Levi's deterioration over a year was heart-breaking. Levi died at age 8 in 2018. His inspirational parents, Kathryn and Ben Wheeler, helped set up Levi's Project with the Children's Cancer Institute which has raised almost $3 million for scientists at the Children's Cancer Institute for dedicated research to find treatments for DIPG.

My fundraising page for the Children's Cancer Institute is

Every purchase of RUPERT THE MISFIT UNICORN in any format (Book, DVD and e-book video) will help raise funds towards ground-breaking research for the Children's Cancer Institute.

Stay tuned for fund-raising events and promotions.

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