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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

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RUPERT’S ANGELS is a new group for parents and their kids, grandparents, teachers, everyone involved with raising children, to join and exchange ideas on the best ways to overcome challenges with parenting, discussing important issues such as how to tackle bullying at school or social media, and to exchange ideas for your child to optimize their talent and potential.

RUPERT THE MISFIT UNICORN might be targeted to 6-to-11-year-old kids, but the themes have proven to have enormous appeal to adults.

RUPERT has adult themes and symbolism cleverly interwoven into the story.

What happens as Angel matures and Rupert starts growing feathers and transforming into something magical, touches on life after death, but mostly, it reinforces the power of faith and love to heal while embracing strong family values.

Another message that comes through is to be proud of being different, “a misfit” and celebrating your own uniqueness, a theme for today’s society. It also celebrates “girl power” with a strong and determined hero in Angel.

Membership for RUPERT’S ANGELS is automatic once you download the full 18-minute video of the hardcover book for only USD $10.00, saving USD $6.00 on the retail price of the video.

Once you have become a member, you will receive 20% discounts on products sold on the RUPERT website:


As a member of RUPERT’S ANGELS, receive regular updates of promotional events and competitions with fabulous prizes and most of all, have fun in sharing valuable information with other members.

Plus, every membership raises funds for Children’s Cancer Research.

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