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Cows in a Snowy Forest

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Every copy purchased raises funds for Children’s Cancer Institute


by Marie da Roza, Author and Illustrator

I wanted to bring a beautiful heart-warming story about family values, always having faith and the power of love and acceptance. Anti-bullying messages are interwoven into a story about a clumsy pony named Rupert who transforms into something magical with healing powers.  It is important that young kids learn to be self-confident and listen to supportive parents to defend against bullying.  Any type of bullying is just W.R.O.N.G.  

As for transformations…we all have that magic within us to overcome darkness and thrive in the light!

My main goal in bringing RUPERT THE MISFIT UNICORN to the public is to raise at least $100,000 for Children’s Cancer Institute. Raising funds for cancer research is dear to my heart. 


I know the agony of cancer treatment. In 2000, I had an intense, agonising 3 month battle at St George Hospital fighting Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia. After another 2 years of follow up chemotherapy, I was in remission.  I thought I would live for another 3 years or so.  But I have been blessed. 


This year, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  I had major surgery on Valentine’s Day 2020 and I have recovered.  I have a triple heart bypass to look forward to, shoulder surgery, then…rock n roll again!  People with cancer have to have hope and I deeply feel for the kids and their families suffering this plight. 

As long as I can produce work that people can enjoy and I can spread love in my way, I have a purposeful and fulfilling life.  So now…enjoy RUPERT THE MISFIT UNICORN!

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